/ Identity /

“어떻게how, 무엇을what에 앞서 항상 그 이유why에 근간한 디자인을 해야 한다”
플랫폼은 건축과 도시의 연관성을 통한 환경과 삶의 가치에 대한 관심으로 프로젝트를 수행하고 있습니다.

[PlAT] 열려있는 터전이며 장소이고,
[FORM] 도시 개개인의 삶을 담고자 하는 것으로,
[ / ] 상보적 관계를 건축가로서 조율하여 다양한 삶의 가치를 표출해 나가는 것이 목표입니다.

PLAT/FORM implies two terms – [PLAT] as opened places and [FORM] as individual lives in urban. Our major goal as architects is to balance these two terms presenting diverse values of lives. Our projects concern values of environment and life in regard to correlation between architecture and urbanism. Our proposition of spatial environment reflects on history, corresponds to the present, and looks out the future, transcending the needs of clients. Our mission is to go beyond the creation of buildings towards contributing to society by making sound spatial environment together with clients. Including representative projects such as ’Kim Tschang-Yeul Art Museum JEJU’, ‘The Stay Healing Park’, ‘KARA the Bom Center’ and ‘STAR village’, we designed numerous cultural facilities, leisure facilities and residential complex.

/ Architects /

Leading architect, Jae-seung, Hong graduated from Hongik graduate school, then received Diplomas from Rotterdam Berlage Institute and London Metropolitan University. He worked as an architect in Netherland, London, Manchester and other European regions. After returning to South Korea, he assumed the position of Design Director in Junglim Architecture and Archiplan. Recently he is taking a dual role as an adjunct professor in Department of Architecture Engineering, Hongik university and an architect.

Soo-youn Choi studied from Hongik graduate school. While working in JINA Architects, she experienced a vast range of project – from architecture plan to urban plan. She participated in Hanoi, Vietnam masterplan and Center-one premium office etc. She founded and has been administrating PLAT/FORM Architecture in pursuit of total design service with interest in correlation between architecture and urbanism